Papa Hédi ‘Piano Interrupted’

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Artist: Papa HédiPhog_007_
Title: Piano Interrupted
Label: Photogram Recordings
Cat. #: Phog 007
Release Date: May 14th 2012
Format: Digital

Piano Interrupted is the organic electronica / classical minimalism crossover project of pianist Tom Hodge and electronic producer Franz Kirmann.

Their 3rd EP, “Papa Hédi” was produced around the documentary film of the same name about influential 60’s Tunisian musician Hédi Jouini, known as Papa Hédi to his country.

Tom and Franz composed the music for the film around samples of Hédi’s music and decided to take the compositions further to release the full EP we are presenting to you now.

All four tracks started from an element of Hédi Jouni’s music, hence the very strong arabic feel of the release, but all the usual obsessions of Piano Interrupted music are still there, cinematic pianos and dreamy soundscapes meeting with fragile and broken melodies over complex rhythm structures.

Recording a lot of the music liva at Iguana Studios in Brixton at the end of the summer of 2011, Piano Interrupted pushes further their exploration of the mix between electronic and real instrumentation.
Eric Young’s concrete percussions are mixed with digital electronic sounds and orchestral samples blend beautifully with Greg Hall’s haunting cello playing, making this EP a rich layered record, where subtle sonics and emotions blend into a complex yet accessible journey linking the 60’s arabic music of Hédi Jouini to the most modern sonics of today’s electronica.


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