Pär Grindvik ‘Dim the Light’

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Artist: Pär Grindvik
Title: Dim the Light
Cat. # SIN LTD 03
Format: 12” Vinyl, Digital
Release date: July 2013

With a handful of releases, appearances, and remixes this year alone, there’s no stopping Par Grindvik! Par returns to his relatively new “Sinister” imprint with 3 very diverse takes on Detroit techno, and an excellent remix from Andre Kronert!

‘Abyme’ starts off the EP with a slightly more funk-tinged side from Par. A steady rhythm section sets the pace for the track while Detroit-inspired chords fire over the top.  This will most certainly find its way into the playlists of DJs who’ve been around a while!

‘Dim the Light’ rounds off the A side with a much more moodier melody set over the top of those unmistakable Grindvik beats. The result is an atmospheric groover that sucks you in for a journey fit for both your mind and your feet. Tough and ripe with emotion, Dim the Light is perfect for the later hours of this summer’s hot sweaty nights.

‘Dim the Light (Andre Kronert Remix)’ Andre Kronert aka Knowone hands in a much more stripped down and percussive rendition of Dim the Light. Tension is the key word on this remix, as it slowly builds to something powerful over the course of 8 minutes. Andre proves intensity isn’t always the only tool a producer has when it comes to big room techno. You may remember Andre from his recent track on Stockholm LTD entitled ‘The Trip’ and also from his recent release on WAD.

‘Embay’ Finishing off this killer EP, Embay is relentless full-on hypnotic techno. As the track progresses, the intricate layers of percussion and melodies keep building into something very fluid and organic. While most hypnotic music focuses on one particular sound to resonate over time, Par never lets anything sit too long. There is only one word for the closing track of this EP: Powerful.

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