CW/A “Ringleader EP”

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“Ringleader EP” is the new release made by CW/A, the Clockwork and Avatism’s project.
The six tracks of the EP are definitely intriguing and addictive: the non 4/4 rhythms and the alternative kind of synths used stimulate the interest from the listener side. The drum ‘n’ bass and footwork influences mixed with techno have a big impact in the final result, enriching the quality of the whole EP.

Parachute Records – October 2016
1. Blatsting (Original Mix)
2. Eligiblecandidate (Original Mix)
3. Hiddentemple (Original Mix)
4. Containmentgrid (Original Mix)
5. 1212/Dehex (Original Mix)
6. Bpatrol (Original Mix)


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