Pascal Nuzzo

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Not many upcoming talents have impressed as Pascal Nuzzo did in the last years, becoming one of the Techno artists to watch for the closest future.
Born in Naples in the second half of 80’s he then moved to Switzerland, where he entered in contact with its exciting nightlife and started to move its first steps in the electronic music scene.
His first influences are strictly rotted in the underground movement, styles like French Filter House and then the 90’s Techno and Dark Progressive played a very important role in developing his music background.
After many successes with the name “P8”, is in 2011 that he finally decided to leave the progressive scene an move closely to what he always loved, TECHNO. It was a long calling that Pascal couldn’t miss anymore, and he couldn’t do it better…With just few releases he immediately got the support from some of the most influent djs and producers worldwide, such as Paco Osuna, Joseph Capriati, Adam Beyer, Len Faki, Marco Carola, just to cite some of them.
Hit like “ONE TIME” or “SHORELINE” have been driving people crazy all over the world in important festival and big clubs. Pascal is not simply an artist who follow the scene, but someone who constantly try to innovate it, with a daily dedication to the sound research and a new style.
Showing impressive composition skills, and a versatile talent to performing live, he find himself confident both in small club as in huge festivals. Collaborating with consolidated artists as NHB, MiniCoolBoyz and the new Italian talent duo Subjects is also building the base for a new crew that is slowly moving at the center of the international scene.
Pascal is surely one of the artists to watch for the closest future, a new star that just started to spread his light…….


Solo Tracks / E.P. :

Pascal Nuzzo – Kaneda E.P. [Unrilis] 2014
Pascal Nuzzo – Berghain [Shape01]2013
Pascal Nuzzo – One Time [Intacto] 2013
Pascal Nuzzo – Bipolar [Shape01] 2013
Pascal Nuzzo – Berlin / Bleeding E.P. [Shape01] 2012
Pascal Nuzzo – Filty [Shape01] 2012
Pascal Nuzzo – Hello world / Going Nuts E.P.  [Shape01] 2011

Collabs :

Pascal Nuzzo, Subjects – Infinite / Alliance E.P. [Intacto] 2014
Pascal Nuzzo, NHB – Elites E.p. [!Organism] 2013
Pascal Nuzzo , Subjects – Freakwency [Alleanza] 2013
Pascal Nuzzo, Max D-Loved – Don’t try this at home E.P. [Agile Recordings] 2013
Pascal Nuzzo, Max D-Loved – Axial Symmetry /Morgana [Phobiq] 2013
Pascal Nuzzo, Max D-Loved – White lines / Safari E.P. [Alleanza] 2013
Pascal Nuzzo, Subjects – Feel Yourself [Shape01] 2013
Pascal Nuzzo, NHB – Shoreline [Shape01] 2013
Pascal Nuzzo, Ellita – Doping Vibes [Shape01] 2013
Pascal Nuzzo, Angy Kore – The krug [Different Is Better] 2013
Pascal Nuzzo, Tako – Street Hoops [Audio Elite] 2012
Pascal Nuzzo, NHB – Squared Waves [Audio Elite] 2012
Pascal Nuzzo, Angy Kore – Kriminal [Remain Records] 2012
Pascal Nuzzo, Max D-Loved – Mahon E.P. [Intacto] 2012
Pascal Nuzzo, Angy Kore – Beis [Neurotraxx Records] 2011
Pascal Nuzzo, Gymmy J – Peppermint /CInnamon E.P. [Shape01] 2011
Pascal Nuzzo, Angy Kore – Wasabi [Stereo Seven] 2011
Pascal Nuzzo, Angy Kore – Manga [Binary404] 2011

Remixes :

Simone Tavazzi – Riddle (Bodyscrub & Pascal Nuzzo Remix) [!Organism] 2014
Spektre – Arcadia (Bodyscrub & Pascal Nuzzo Remix) [Respekt Recordings] 2014
Nicholas Bacher, Ayden Dark – Leather to your suede [Bodyscrub & Pascal Nuzzo Remix) [NB Records] 2014
Layton Giordani – Locust (Bodyscrub & Pascal Nuzzo Remix)  [Yellow Recordings] 2014
Adrian Hour – Pensando (Pascal Nuzzo vs Subjects Remix) [Perfekt Groove] 2013
Dema  – Radio (Pascal Nuzzo vs Subjects Remix) [Ultradrum Records] 2013
Joy Kitikonti, NHB – After that (Pascal Nuzzo Remix) [Audio Elite] 2013
Daniele Crocenzi – M 0001 (Pascal Nuzzo Re-Shape) [Shape01] 2013
Sin Sin – Second Skin (Pascal Nuzzo Re-shape) [Eklero Records] 2012
Sin Sin – Score Action (Pascal Nuzzo Re-shape) [Shape01] 2012
Micol Danieli – Lucky Boy (Pascal Nuzzo Re-shape) [Shape01] 2012
Angy Kore – Life Is Space (Pascal Nuzzo vs Dandi & Ugo Remix) [Nachrstrom Schallplatten] 2012
Sebastien Szade, Eddine B – Almaty (Pascal Nuzzo Remix) [Pumpz] 2012
Dj Micky da Funk, Costantino Nappi – Clarion (Pascal Nuzzo Remix) [Sex Panda Toys] 2012
Noisedock – Lustful Times (Pascal Nuzzo Remix) [Supermarket Unlimited] 2012
Gymmy J – Breaking The Habits (Pascal Nuzzo Remix) [Different is Better] 2012
T4L – Like a chord (Pascal Nuzzo & Gymmy J Remix) [In Trance We Trust] 2011
Max D-Loved – The Long Journey (Pascal Nuzzo Remix) [Shape01] 2011
Gymmy J – Scarlett Carson (Pascal Nuzzo Remix) [Italobusiness] 2011


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