Patrice Bäumel Interview

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Hi Patrice and welcome to Different Grooves

We’ve​ just ​received​ our copy of your Balance Series: ​H​ow ​does it feel to​ ​be part of a great ​long-lasting ​project like this?

To me it is like a dream come true, similar to releasing my first record many years ago. I have made a few hundred podcasts over the years and it feels good to put everything I have learned into something that will probably outlast any of my Soundcloud mixes. I am in great company, many of my Balance peers are artists I personally know and admire for their work.

​Is ​there ​any particular track ​within​ your Balance Series​ mix​ that stands-out amongst the rest for you?

I don’t really have a favourite track – they all have their time and place in my life. However, specifically for this CD I think that ​​Guy J – Moderate is a very important centerpiece. It loops throughout the mix for more than 18 minutes and connects a lot of dots.

​Taking a look ​at​ the tracklist​,​ we can see your ​remixed​ masters ​like​ Underworld: how ​did ​this come about?

I have been in love with this track, “Bird 1” for a while and felt like I could add something to it with a remix. My management reached out to Underworld and they liked the idea and sent me the necessary parts. Sometimes the easiest way is to just ask. When the Balance project landed on my doorstep at about the same time we knew we had a good framework to release the remix as an exclusive. I ended up making two different versions of the mix, one that is a more Giorgio Moroder-like arpeggiator track, the other a slightly darker, deeper version that ended up being released because it was a better fit for the mix cd.

​You’re also ready to ​drop​ another great ​EP​ on Kompakt: would you ​please ​tell us some detail​s​ about your next ​​Speicher?

Speicher 89, which just hit the shelves, was made with the clear intention of delivering two proper peaktime bangers. I wanted them to be sonically interesting enough to become more than DJ fastfood, that’s why I used some unusual sounds on them. I am happy with the response, I hear them being played everywhere.

We’ve also heard you’re working hard to release a long-player later this year, how’s that going?​

I have some material ready but I feel this is going to take a little longer than originally anticipated. We have decided with the label to not rush anything. At the same time I want to continue making quality dance singles, I really feel that this is where my momentum is at the moment.

​Turning now to ​the ​DJ side​ of things​: Amsterdam ​has been your home since​ 1996​,​ how ​do you think ​​the city has influenced your sound?

If I look at the dominant influences of the Amsterdam sound over the years – labels like Remote Area, Rushhour or Dekmantel – I have never been part of any of these movements but have pretty much done my own thing. It is more the lighthearted, fun-loving nature of Amsterdam’s nightlife that has had an influence on me. But I very much see myself as an international producer marching to the beat of his own drum.

Also, how​ have​ your Eastern German roots influenced your artistic life?

I cut my techno teeth in the mid-to late nineties and bought most of my records at Hardwax, lots of Detroit and Chicago techno and house music. Now that this sound has gone through a major revival I feel like I am no longer interested in it. In this way my upbringing has helped me find my own path, I have always followed a curiosity for the unknown. That is not to say that anything old school is worthless, far from it. But I feel it is up to other artists to explore that direction.

​You have a new residency at​​ ​​​​De Marktkantine ​Amsterdam ​​called ​”Midnight Sun”​. How does ​De Marktkantine compare as a club to ​​Trouw and Club 11 and how​’s your​ new​​ residency​​​ going so far?​

We have only had one wonderful and sold-out night at De Marktkantine yet, so it’s still early days. I love that club for its big room energy. Dancefloors with a capacity of between 800 and 4000 people are my favourites, they fit the music I make and play the best. De Marktkantine actually resembles the upstairs room of Trouw quite a lot. People surround you from all angles, it’s beautiful. Club 11 was very different in the respect that it had a bigger emphasis on visuals with its 12 huge video screens.


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