Patrice Scott ‘Oribital Bliss EP’

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Artist: Patrice Scott6737_orbital-bliss
Title: Oribital Bliss EP
Label: Sistrum Recordings
Cat. #: Sis-018
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Release Date: 27 March 2012
01. Tones & Things
02. Oberon
03. Orbital Bliss
04. Orbital Bliss (P. Scott ReCord Version)

Patrice Scott kicks off the 2012 release schedule in proper fashion with the Orbital Bliss EP – Keeping the Sistrum sound true and setting the tone for another year of quality output. We are treated to cool, smooth, futuristic cuts that pay tribute to the wonders of the cosmos. As always, the sounds are carefully crafted and slowly evolving, treating the listener to a refined palette of rhythm and melody suitable for the dancefloor and the living room, alike.

Track 1 – Tones & Things A fitting opener for the EP, “Tones & Things” is a lush, ambient piece featuring icy chord sequences, delayed hi-hats, and various blips and bleeps – prepping you for an intergalactic mission to the deepest reaches of space. This one deserves a good listen in the headphones, for maximum enjoyment.

Track 2 – Oberon Feeling like a natural and effortless extension of “Tones & Things,” “Oberon” takes us the outer edge of the solar system. Delicately flanged and phased hi-hats dance atop a steadily building groove of swirling synth pads and dark, square-wave bass pulses. Make no mistake, these are hypnotic sounds for enlightened interstellar travel.

Track 3 – Orbital Bliss Orbiting a distant moon, the groove locks in with a firm kick and understated percussive elements – providing a foundation on which is layered a futuristic collage of tones and textures. Another hypnotic builder, “Orbital Bliss” is sure to give deep dancefloors a reason to rejoice.

Track 4 – Orbital Bliss (P. Scott ReCord Version) Patrice expands on the original theme of “Orbital Bliss” by giving the drums a more crisp, up-front presence. Atmospheric, yet ready to instill movement in the listener, this cut captures the best of both worlds – terrestrial and extraterrestrial. Let this one shine on a proper sound system and the heavens may reveal their secrets.


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