Artist: Patrick Zigontanzbar025_CoverRtWorkWebNEW_1_400x400
Title: With A Bigly Help Of My Friends EP
Remixer: Martin Eyerer, Lupen Crokan, Mark Ash, Todd Bodine, Louis Osbourne, Niko Doreen
Label: Tanzbar Musik
Cat. #: Tanzbar025
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Release Date: February 23th 2012 (Vinyl), March 8th 2012 (Digital)
Distribution: Vinyllabor, Intergroove
Vinyl: With A Bigly Help Of My Friends EP (Part 1)
A1. Captain Spook feat. Martin Eyerer
B1. Manmanlai feat. Lupen Crokan
B2. Spotoma feat. Mark Ash
Digital: With A Bigly Help Of My Friends EP
1. Captain Spook feat. Martin Eyerer
2. Manmanlai feat. Lupen Crokan
3. Spotoma feat. Mark Ash
4. 23 Positions feat. Louis Osbourne
5. Atlanta Transit feat. Todd Bodine
6. Pravda feat. Niko Doree

Patrick Zigon’s return to Tanzbar musik! More than 2 years after his last release on Tanzbar, Patrick strikes back with a massive collaboration EP, this time with a bigly help from his friends. Produced in different countries and different studios, this EP features Zigon’s typical high-class production skills paired with influences of top-producers such as Martin Eyerer, Todd Bodine, Louis Osbourne, Mark Ash and the two newcomers Niko Doreen & Lupen Crokan.

„Captain Spook feat. Martin Eyerer” is a spooky tech-tool. Martin and Patrick started the production in Eyerer’s finest studio in Germany’s motor city Stuttgart. A few weeks later, while they were at Kazantip Festival in Ukraine, they finished the production after a hard partying night!

„Atlanta Transit feat. Todd Bodine” was produced in Highgrade-Label Head Todd Bodine’s Studio in Berlin. It features the love for deep, hypnotic and melancholic vibes, which Todd and Patrick have in common. Zigon recorded the vocals while in transit at Atlanta airport while he was touring America.

„23 Positions feat. Louis Osbourne” was recorded in Zigon’s Traumraum studio at the beautiful Lake Constance in southern Germany while Louis was staying for some gigs in the region. Mija Recordings Chief Osbourne adds his typical techno attitude, therefore it’s the most tooly and techy track on this EP.

„Manmanlai feat. Lupen Crokan” was produced in the Science of Sounds Studio in Bejing while Zigon was touring Asia. „Manmanlai” is the chinese word for „take it easy”, which is exactly the mood of this track. Science-Label Chef Lupen and Patrick are showing their easygoing & melodic side.


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