Patrik Carrera ‘Loop Mode Remixed 02’

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artworks-000133437935-hz8ewm-t500x500Artist: Patrik Carrera
Title: Loop Mode Remixed 02
Remixers: d_func, Electric Rescue, Rob Hes, Patrik Carrera
Label: Paranoid Dance Music
Cat. #: PD024
Distribution: Beatport
Release Date: 16th November 2015
Patrik Carrera – Loop Mode (d func. (aka Alexander Kowalski) Reloop)
Patrik Carrera – Loop Mode (Electric Rescue Reloop)
Patrik Carrera – Loop Mode (Rob Hes Reloop)
Patrik Carrera – Loop Mode (Patrik Carrera Reloop)

d_func (aka Alexander Kowalski), Electric Rescue, Rob Hes and Patrik Carrera deliver four unique tones of techno exploring the creative possibilities from a single sample start point taken from the Paranoid Dancer Loop Mode modular sample series. Each Loop Mode element is created exclusively with modular and analog synthesizers and recorded via an all analog processing chain, instilling each element with the familiar attitude of the label.

Released 16th November 2015 via Beatport


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