Art In Motion “Llankay”

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Artist: Art In Motion3516-255643_600
Title: Llankay
Label: Plano B Records
Cat. #: PBR45
Format: Digital
Release Date: February 25th 2015
1. Ritual
2. Las Salineras
3. Llankay
4. Alegra
5. Marrie
6. Light Shadow
7. Amor Calibre 37
8. Walk Through the Sungate
9. Sacred Lake People
10. Love Illusion ft. Lera
11. City of Clouds ft. Akken

Without any doubts one of the things that attract more from “Llankay” is the research of sounds, themes and styles that affect the deep house panorama, styles sometimes lost and which in their semplicity are able to take us to an atypic and surreal dimension.
The 11 songs produced by the Brazilian artist Vicente Amadeo, alias “Art In Motion” shows his ability and attitude to navigate without being scared in the big sea of deep house.


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