118930Artist: Pedro Aguiar & Himan
Title: Rocket Science EP
Label: AMAM
Cat. #: amamextra027
Release Date: 5 May 2014
X1. Pedro Aguiar & Himan — Record Legs
X2. Pedro Aguiar & Himan — Rocket Science
X3. Pedro Aguiar — Gerudo Valley
X4. Pedro Aguiar & Himan — Inside Out

Lisbon-based producers Pedro Aguiar and Himan both have a similar history over the last few years, each releasing on a plethora of techno and house labels, eventually landing on standout CD compilations: One of Himan’s tracks made its way onto Joris Voorn’s Cocoon Heroes, and Nick Warren included a Pedro Aguiar cut on his mix Renaissance—The Master Series. Now, AMAM has bragging rights on their first collaborative EP, titled Rocket Science.

First up is “Record Legs”, beginning with a sterile pulse, soon joined by the humanistic finger-snaps and sepia-toned percussion for an even balance of synthetic and organic timbres. The slow build-up leads to a barrage of static and high frequencies that will give your eardrums a sugar high. Then the EP’s title track offers a confident stomping kick, coupled with syncopated clattering rhythms and a hypnotizing house groove.

On the second half, Pedro flies solo with the more fast-paced “Gerudo Valley”, a jacking track that borders on hard techno, but counterbalanced by ambient flourishes on top. Then Himan joins in once again to finish off with “Inside Out”, a more relaxed number with crisp, gridlocked snares that offer a raw edge beneath the sunnier melodies swirling above. So go for a spin with these elegant, minimalist productions – it’s not rocket science!

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