Perc ‘Work Softer Revisite’

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Artist: Perc
Title: Work Softer Revisited
Remixers: Orphx & Desonanz
Label: Prosthetic Pressings
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Cat. #: PP037
Release Date: March 27th, 2013
Distribution: Beatport, DBH
A1. Work Softer (Orphx Remix)
B2. Work Softer (Desonanz Remix)
B2. Work Softer (Desonanz Light Year of Dub Remix)

With his current position as a key figure in the global techno scene, Ali Wells aka Perc, has proved to be one of the industries top artists, producers and label heads pioneering future generations of techno enthusiasts. His credentials need no explanation. To pay homage to Ali’s success we decided to revisit one of his ground breaking Perc Trax releases Work Harder that debuted in 2008. This release was and still is a commanding, potent listen. Featuring a hard-hitting dance floor single, a District One remix as well as an edgy, industrial-tinged droned out version of the single, Work Softer. We’re humbled for the opportunity and honored to have worked with all of the talented artists involved to make this release happen.

Orphx, the Canadian experimentalists, have been creating obscure music since the mid-90’s. Their styles of unconventional techno vary from noisy worm-hole dub to concrete industrial techno. Their mix begins eerie and hollow. Slowly the track develops a panicking tempo dragging you into an industrial playground of vexed white noise and hysteria.

Desonanz, another team of avant-garde producers created two mixes for this project. The first mix is packed with robust baselines and mesmerizing electric pulses. The second mix is doped up flat liner version called Light Years of Dub Remix. The bass resonates deep, altering your mood transcending you into a dark, shadowy world lined with fire and brimstone.


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