Mano Le Tough “Trails”

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Just a month is passed from the release of “Trails”, the new album of Mano Le Tough on Permanent Vacation, and it still sounds interesting, fresh and motivating.
Mano is well known for his dj sets and his accurate selection, skill that is revealed also on his side as producer: the tracks are not only dancefloor oriented, inside there’s an intriguing and emotional research of something that goes far away from the usual sonoric flows we’re used to hear in most of the contemporary records.

Permanent Vacation – October 30th 2015

01. Running In A Constant Circle
02. Generations
03. Energy Flow
04. Half Closed Eyes
05. Empty Early Years And The Seed
06. I See Myself In You
07. Trails
08. The Space Between
09. Sometimes Lost
10. Meilen


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