Artists: Peru, Like The Country
Title: Assassinator rmxs
Remixers: Pawn Shop People, Markus Suckut
Label: Micro.fon
Format: Vinyl & Digital
Cat. #: MFSPC001
Release Date: July 29th, 2013
Distribution: Straight Distribution & Beatport / Dig Dis
A1. Assassinator (Pawn Shop People Remix)
A2. Assassinator (Vinyl Only)
B1. Pretty Far Gone (Markus Suckut Remix)
B2. Pretty Far Gone (Vinyl Only)

In the near past, berlin based Micro.fon Records was critically acclaimed, for releasing a load of distinctive techno tracks. A fact, which shouldn’t change with their newest record. As the catalogue-nr. MFSPECIAL001 suggests, this is record is quite special and underlines the openmindness of Micro.fon and their passion for music of every style.

Revealing the indierockband Peru, Like The Country, Micro.fon brings together dark guitars and basslines, swelling synthesizers and siren’esque vocals with deep, rolling and grooving techno-reinterpretations, delivered by Micro.fon’s own Pawn Shop People and man of the moment Markus Suckut of Figure and SCKT fame.

Peru, Like The Country’s “Assassinator” and “Pretty Far Gone”, are strongly influenced by early eighties Post-Punk, New Wave and UK rooted Shoegaze-sound. With being heavy on the bass and dreamy on the vox, they create a dark and melancholic atmosphere in their songs. On the remix of “Assassinator”, Pawn Shop People transformed the whole structure of the original into a compelling synthhook, grounded on dark subbasses and sharp percussion, to turn the song into a Detroit influenced floorweapon. Suckut morphed the flipside “Pretty Far Gone” into a pounding and grooving belter, garnished with cut up vocals and offbeat claps – Sounds like Chicago was just next door. No shadow of a doubt, Markus Suckut is the next one to follow in the steps of people like Klock and Dettmann, when it has to come to dry, rough and rugged techno without compromises. This remix is another proof for that!



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