Petar Dundov Interview

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Congratulation on the completion of your new album. Please tell us a bit about the concept/story behind making ‘At The Turn of Equilibrium’?

Concept behind this album is story of life, regeneration and necessity of emotional balance to sustain positive relation to the world and your loved ones. In the album title „At the turn of Equilibrium“ hides the idea that this balance could never be fully sustained, that we are somehow destined to forever changing circumstances. This ideal can only exist in an abstraction and I tried to write music that could describe that place, where everything resonates pleasantly. For a listener I hope this album will be able to invoke a kind of personal insight and for music to be the catalyst for understanding.

How does ‘At The Turn of Equilibrium’ compare to your previous albums?

This album explores a broader context in respect of mood and themes. In addition to using more sound textures this time besides electronic synthesizers I introduced parts with classical instruments like piano and strings. As the album is about life and emotional growth, from purely physical body to the thinking person, tracks are sequenced from faster, simple-rhythmic, cyclic, body moving tracks to slower, more complex layered, beat-less mind tracks.

What were the key pieces of musical equipment used to make this album and are there any particular technical processes you’d like to tell us about?

For solo leads I mostly used Roland System 100, it is the most expressive one in my studio and recently I upgraded it with some Doeopfer A-100 modules adding more modulation possibilities. For bass I usually picked Moog Minitaur or MFB Synth lite. For synth strings I would often layer Roland JX-8p and Juno 106, they work very well together. For background synths I reached for Yamaha TG77 and Roland JD-990, they can create beautiful stereo motion and add richness to the overall mix. For chords I also used a Prophet 600 and Jupiter-4 they are my favourite analogue polyphonic synths. For drums first I always go for 909 and 808 to get the groove going and for other percussions I intensively used Stylus RMX. For the effect section I used Lexicon, TC Reverb units and Roland’s Space Echoes. All this was summed and mixed in SSL AWS924 and edited in Logic Pro X. The new version of Logic was a big workflow changer for me, As I use a lot of MIDI controllers I had to write my own environments to get things working as I wanted. Now it is all sorted in a Smart Control section and it saved me so much time.

Swapping now to the DJ side of things: What have been the most special events you’ve played at over the last 6 months and why?

I had the opportunity to visit India for first time, I played at Future Theory Festival in Pune. It was a fantastic experience, party took place in an old fortress, an amazing location, also people there are so nice. I also had a good time in Tel Aviv during Purim holiday season, we had an open air party in a park in the middle of the city, great atmosphere, I really enjoyed every minute.

Regarding the clubbing scene in your homeland Croatia: What are your thoughts on how the scene is developing?

As Croatia is getting more popular as a tourist destination, today we have a lot of festivals, specially during summer and there are a lot of new people visiting parties. There are many places you can go and get into the electronic sound, so the scene getting bigger.
I see people start to recognise clubbing as a part of culture. It is a good thing specially for young DJs or artists who want to get involved and pursue club music as career. The future looks promising.

You hold a summer residency at DC10 in Ibiza: Please tell us your thoughts on how the Ibiza clubbing scene has changed over the years? Has it been good or bad for the Island?

What I saw in a last couple of years is that Ibiza clubbing, besides of having its own style, can’t ignore what is happening in the world, like the rising demand for a more mainstream sound. I am happy that this trend is turning around and what I saw last year was a kind of an announcement that things will go back underground. I am happy that DC10 during these years have stayed true to the underground sound and remained a kind of safe haven for music lovers on the island.

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