Phil Kieran Interview

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Hi Phil, and welcome to Different Grooves.
Which are the main differences between Phil Kieran and your electronic project Le Carousel?

Most of my Phil Kieran music seems to be for djing in nightclubs , i wanted to make an album that was just music from the heart .

Your album Le Carousel, (and the remix pack soon), is out since few weeks: tell us and to our reader something cool behind this project.
I wanted to release a remix album with all the tracks of the album on the same order as the original album but with a new version of each track , almost like a spin on the original album , I picked some people I either liked or people that have influenced me , I got myself to do a coupled of remixes on it as well , I was able to put a more extended club feel to them stripping them back , it was fun.

Which is your favourite track of the Album Remixes?
Possibly The Hacker mix , but I genuinely love them all .

Look at the past: you remixed a lot of big musicians, what is the difference in being a producer or a remixer?
Remixing is easier as the original idea has been made for you , sometimes remixing you just have to change the sound or the arrangement

Will Phil Kieran shake the walls in the next future or we are going to hear just about Le Carousel sound?
I don’t really have a plan , I still enjoy making peak time dance music , its fun , but it feels really important to me to make meaningful music that could possibly live longer than me .

Tell us something about your last gigs, which the best and which the worst one?
Haha don’t like taking about the bad ones , I just choose to forget that they ever happened and block them out , i’m going to Buenos Aires this saturday and i’m really excited about that , its always a special city for me.

Your label, Phil Kieran Recordings, is also an remarkable imprint in the techno scene, tell us some future releases you are going to burn in the next months?
I’m sure I will have more green velvet stuff , i just done a cool re edit of ” I think im a monster ” and vie a really huge remix package coming up that will nearly all be techno .

Many thanks Phil!
You are welcome guys

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