Philipp Lammers ‘Hello Mom’

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Artist: Philipp Lammers
Title: Hello Mom
Release Date: 08/09/2014
Label: Raw Roots

In the middle of the summer Raw Roots is back again with another big release by Philipp Lammers including lovely remix from the well known spanish artist based in Berlin, the man behind WAKEFUL – FreedomB /Monza Ibiza, Material Series/. Strong constant grooves with some pitched-down vocals, a freeform confluence of squalling synths, jazzy percussion and spacey effects, “Hello Mom” is captivating for its full 7 minutes. The FreedomB remix has an even more intoxicating quality. Aimed, in contrast to its predecessor, at the dance floor, its groaning chasm of bass is a statement of intent. And the last but not least “Life” is closing the release with its relentless, night-train bassline and clanking effects. Mastering by Sclosa Post Audio. Delivery by Dig Dis.

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