Phillip Bader ‘Wishful Thinking’

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Artist: Phillip Baderhg113
Title: Wishful Thinking
Format: CD Album, Digital
Label: Highgrade Records
Cat. #: Highgrade113
Release Date: April 16th, 2012
Distribution: Word and Sound,
01 – Whisper
02 – Surfing Sabine
03 – Good For Nothing
04 – Wishful Thinking (feat Ja Hier)
05 – When The Drunken Clown Comes Around
06 – Miles High
07 – American Boy
08 – Shine On Us (feat Anna Luca)
09 – Soul Food
10 – Move On Me (feat Spoony Talker)
11 – Deep End
12 – Sunshine (feat Ja Hier)

As a DJ, Philip Bader is in demand around the globe, enrapturing crowds in Berlin and far away places like Tel Aviv and Rome. As a producer his release catalogue reads like a who’s who of the elctronic music scene, and his own label is also not to be taken lightly. Without question, this native Berliner is one of the most active and pioneering minds in the world of Techno. Now, Bader has recorded his first studio album for Berlin record label, Highgrade Records.

The title of the album, “Wishful Thinking”, already expresses one of Bader’s central desires: “I’ve tried to combine many styles, and also to bring in emotional elements to electronic music”. With this album he aims to leave behind any apparent restrictive boundaries and to simply let go creatively… wishful thinking? Not at all. “Wishful Thinking” plays with conventional stylistic expectations, mixing what at first seem to be incompatible genres into a diverse and exciting album.

The excitement within “Wishful Thinking” is generated not least through the range of new and unexpected collaborations present on the album. So is the voice of jazz singer Anna Luca, herself with a new album “Listen and Wait”, soon to be released in spring, employed by Bader, where her soulful voice shines through on the the track “Shine On Us”. For the tracks “Sunshine” and “Wishful Thinking”, we are treated to a voice never before professionally recorded: “I had this insanely good piano loop and my best friend’s girlfriend sang over it and I immediately had goose bumbs!” recalls Bader. For him it was a stroke of luck – as it was with many of the collaborating artists. “I think it’s great because the others bring something of themselves, and something entirely new is created”.
“Wishful Thinking” offers something completely new in every way. The album cannot be put into any one category, switching skillfully between electronic sounds, jazzy tones, and house rhythms, while other musical influences make themselves evident in the background. Nevertheless, the album exists as a harmonious whole that loses none of it’s power or originality through it’s creative diversity. From here, Bader’s audience will surely be curious about the content of his planned global tour.

For Philip Bader, “Wishful Thinking” is the fullfillment of a dream that has taken a year to complete. “The longer you make music the more you want to get away from the standard 8 -15 tracks with the same contruction,” This album therefore, is the right meduim at the right time. The album was produced without any pressure, and as such Bader was able to let his creativity run free, something also that Highgrade Records has given him the freedom to achieve. “So I could make music that not everyone would have expected from me.” Says Philip Bader himself. The result: Anything except Wishful Thinking.


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