Bodyscrub ”Ethereal”

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Artist: Bodyscrub
Title: Ethereal
Label: Phobiq
Release Date: 22 April, 2013
Format: Digital
Cat #: PHOBIQ074D
01. Bodyscrub – Ethereal (Original Mix)
02. Bodyscrub – Ethereal (Sam Paganini Remix)

Bodyscrub‘s dark overtones are a perfect match for Phobiq, so he provided us with an adrenalinic track that, in turn get manipulated by Sam Paganini.

“Ethereal” sets a hypnotic mood with cyclic synths and clanging, metallic riffs. Neatly placed effects provide momentum, while the solid drums keep everything firmly in place. while otherworldly effects seep in and out of the cracks.

Sam Paganini‘s rendition goes for a more dubby approach,features more swirling chords and persistent stabs, while a steady sub bass provides the juicy low-end in his warped version of the original.


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