Sasha Carassi ”Backup”

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Phobiq094DArtist: Sasha Carassi
Title: Backup
Label: Phobiq
Release Date: 3 May, 2014
Format: Digital
Cat #: PHOBIQ094D
01. Framing Effect (Remastered Mix)
02. Dark Pride (Remastered Mix)
03. Mental Wire (Remastered Mix)
04. Phorme (Original Mix)
05. Globular Cluster (Original Mix)
06. Old Fashioned Lover (Original Mix)

This collection of label boss Sasha Carassi‘s tracks boasts remastered gems from the past and brand-new tracks ready to be placed in many a Techno arsenal.
The first half of this compilation consists of Sasha’s older works which feel right at home with his newer productions and that’s not just because of the remastering. All of the elements we know and love are here; pulsating synths, shadowy effects, tense atmospherics and stomping drums.

The three closing tracks show Mr. Carassi in top form again, with “Phorme” setting the tone with staccato stabs and rumbling subs. “Globular Cluster” gives a taste of a dismal, mechanized future, and the closing “Old Fashioned Lover” gives a firm nod to the old school with trademarked chords and familiar vocals.


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