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Artist: Piek
Label: Sincopat
Remixers: Marc Scholl, AFFKT 
Cat. #: 
Release Date: July 29th 2013
Distribution: Beatport/DigDis
1. Piek – What You Want From Me (Original Mix)
2. Piek – What You Want From Me (AFFKT Remix)
3. Piek – Insorit (Original Mix)
4. Piek – Insorit (Marc Scholl’s Glory Hole Remix)

Written and Produced by Nacho González at ELZD Studio

Multifaceted Spanish DJ/producer AFFKT has been a man on a mission for some years now. That mission of course, is to emit quality-strewn house and techno – regardless of whether that’s through his own wares or through that of his label, Sincopat. In the case of fellow Spaniard Piek, it’s most definitely mission complete, as the sometime Cecille and Paulatine producer delivers with stunning conviction for Sincopat on the WYWFM EP.

”What you Want from Me” is the first of the two originals, a thoroughbred hark back to minimal, percussive planes that’s reminiscent of the sub-genre’s finest moments. The spiky vocals are playful yet menacing, chilled-out yet ominous and when matched with the gentle groove and anticipated melodies, they meld with the sort of assured manner that suggests this one will be a sure fire winner on the floor. Then, label boss AFFKT keeps

hold of the aforementioned melody, using it as the spine of his gentle, albeit more kick- prominent interpretation. Expert stuff.

The track Insorit introduces proceedings thanks to a weighty, watertight groove and a barrage of sultry vocals that will see it tie in with summer time madness. Drenched in reverb and heavy claps, it’s a delightful battle weapon with which to get the party started. Cecille mainstay Marc Scholl then beefs up the original considerably, as he adds a forceful groove to the heady equation on his subtly titled ‘Glory Hole’ re-working.

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