Piemont ‘White Portion’

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PLUMBUM05_coverArtist: Piemont
Title: White Portion
Label: PlumBum Music
Remixers: Martinez, Beatamines
Cat. #: PLUMBUM05
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 15th 2012

1. White Portion (Original Mix)
2. White Portion (Beatamines Remix)
3. White Portion (Martinez remix)
4. La Danse (Original Mix)

German duo Piemont must barely ever leave their studio, because here comes another four track EP just as hot as their last. The pair of Frederic Möring-Sack and Christian de Jonquieres has honed an intricate tech house sound over the course of releasing various albums and EPs on their own labels, and here we find them exploring the same again on White Portion on their own PlumBum imprint.

The title track has sharp edged percussion carving out spaces through which dark male voices shoot and eventually rolling kick drums fire. The cold metallic surfaces of the snares are off set with warm, wave breaking synths and take the track to deeper realms than this duo normally deal in.

That said, the Beatamines remix goes even deeper, stripping some of the percussive clatter and laying in some hip swinging claps instead. Perfect for the late night hours of some darkened back room. Another remix comes on the flip courtesy of much in demand DJ and producer Martinez of Moon Harbour association. His rework is wonky and unhinged, with panning percussion and a weird hook cutting up the airwaves, chopping and churning your mind in the process.

Finally, ‘La Danse‘ closes the EP in stripped style with icy hi hat ringlets looping over a warm kick drum thud and heat damaged synth melody. It’s a pumping, tension building track with breathy vocals and eventually turns into something funky, catchy and fresh. Another winner from Piemont, then!


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