Pierre Deutschmann ‘Diclofenac’

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UNRILIS020Artist: Pierre Deutschmann
Title: Diclofenac
Remixer: Luigi Madonna
Label: Unrilis
Cat. #: UNRILIS020
Release Date: 14-12-2015
Perceval (Luigi Madonna Remix)

Unrilis has teamed up with DJ Pierre Deutschmann to release his new single “Diclofenac,” a collection that exemplifies the artist’s capacity to make strikingly inventive music through an uncompromising, workaholic approach to his medium. Born in 1974 in Berlin, Deutschmann drew inspiration from early hip hop and acid house sounds, finding an approach to call his own along techno and electronica veins. As much as he’s learned, Deutschmann’s personal sound is never easy to define. Exciting and intricate, bold and unpredictable, this new record is bound to keep listeners and dance floors happy all over the world. “Diclofenac” also includes a remix of the track “Perceval” by Luigi Madonna. Widely considered to be a Neapolitan Techno Master, and deemed a worthy label boss at Unrilis by founder and Neapolitan Techno Legend Rino Cerrone, Madonna brings a proven expert’s touch to the collection.

“Diclofenac” – The title track begins dramatically, starting out of the gate with a rhythm that is both haunting and intriguing for its many layers and refined sound. The intro expands on well-chilled beats that come off as cool, ominous, and paired so well with a heartbeat that builds through to the end, bringing a jagged, fierce duality to the song as a whole.

“Perceval” – Chattering beads resound above bouncing, rubberized bass effects that get the show moving quickly out of the gates on this track. Like Deutschmann’s other tracks, the story being told here is a sophisticated one, bringing listeners a darker mood awash with hints of low drums and sparkling tech-house inspired highs. When all the pieces work together, we are treated to a mosaic of different pieces that create an original, fascinating vision from one of today’s most exciting talents.

“Perceval (Luigi Madonna Mix)” – The heart of a good remix resides in creative deconstruction, and Madonna brings just that to his revision of “Perceval.” The ghostly spirit of the original is taken for a new ride on uptempo highs and snapping drums, exploring more danceable terrain above some deliciously bizarre vocals effects. Lively and multi-faceted, this track would fit in well with any crowd, from the ambient-prone to those in need of a good dance session.

“Replace” – Half-warble and half-snap, listeners will be hooked in quickly with the creative forces working at full blast here. The instrumentals never sound random or out of order, racing together in perfect tandem while still managing to be surprising and intriguing. This track keeps it playful while maintaining a serious approach to the craft, giving much to enjoy for both partiers and experts alike.


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