Pirupa Interview

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What are the most important steps in your career as producer and dj?
I live in a family where music has never lacked. My father is a musician and my unkle was a dj, so it was a natural process. I’ve started very young doing dj in small private party and then I grew up and start to play in real clubs. After years of djing I started production, it was around 2007, all this made me become who I am, but a lot of sacrifice, all days close in the studio, doin music, only music.

You are currently based in London, tell us difference between Italian and UK scene and of course, how an Italian guy can survive in UK?
Its very hard to survive in UK, specially in London. Weather sucks and everythings is so expensive, but London is an amazing city, it’s very charming and the scene is much better. In italy it’s very hard to do something good, and when someone does great events it happen some shit like Monegros Italy. English people are crazy, sometimes rude, but I never see a lot of fights or dead people in the clubs or festivals there. We need to be more educated for this kind of events.

You recently joined Ad Maiora music project, could you tell us your business relationship and maybe the friendship behind this cooperation with the label guys?
I know the boys for many years, followed and played many releases of Rini and Gezim because I really like their music style, very dub underground. We have a very close friends relationship because they are really cool guys and I wish all the best with this new adventure…they deserve it because hard work always pays off!

How is going to be Pirupa schedule during summer? Any gig you are really looking for?
So busy as all the summer seasons since 2010. I’m excited to play in some great festivals like UMF Korea, Summerland, Arches and B My Lake, followed with many good shows around the world from Ibiza to London, Paris to Bucharest to name a few.

Pirupa in the next 6th months: future plans and releases?
Yeah, got some good releases coming on Crosstown Rebels, Intec and Snatch! OFF. I’m launchin a new label in September, NONSTOP, vinyl+digital, I’m very excited 😀

Thank you for having spent the time to let our readers know more about your music and thoughts!
Thanx to you fellas, have a great summer 😉

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