Pirupa ‘Snatch035’

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Artist: Pirupa
Title: Snatch035
Label: Snatch! Recordings
Cat. #: Snatch035
Format: Digital
Release Date: January 14th 2013
1. Do It!
2. Everylife (feat. Leon)
3. The Base

Few labels across the dance music spectrum reach the dizzying, eclectic heights quite like Riva Starr’s Snatch!. Regardless of whether the imprint is turning its hand to disco, techno, house or electro, rest assured the end result will be one that’s thought-provoking, intriguing and perhaps most importantly, will make you dance.

Pirupa‘s return to his compatriot’s label then, is something of a no-brainer for all involved. Add this to the fact that another globally renowned Italian producer stamps his name on the record, and one gets the feeling that we’re in for something pretty special from Snatch! 035.

And Pirupa doesn’t let the side down either. Just like ‘Party Non Stop’, ‘Do It’ is produced on a manic tip and with the party in mind, a trait of Pirupa‘s that’s practically without peer and one that clearly endeared him to Snatch! in the first place.

The previously alluded to Leon then teams up with Pirupa for ‘Everylife‘, a whirlwind seven-minute tech-house monster that’s characterised by its groove-laden charm and cannily chosen – and placed – samples. The most downtrodden of the bunch, ‘The Base‘ closes the EP out with the sort of menacing guile that Pirupa turns his hand to when he feels like testing his listener. In all, a diverse collection of tracks that only serve to emphasise the Italian’s standing in the game.


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