Artist: Planetary Assault SystemsMOTE_032_Label_AA_CoverArtworkWeb
Title: Deep Heet Vol. 3
Format: Digital & Vinyl
Label: Mote-Evolver
Cat. #: MOTE032
Release Date: November 5th, 2012
Distribution: N.E.W.S. Distribution

Planetary Assault Systems presents Deep Heet Volume 3, the third instalment of one of Luke Slater’s most seminal series to date on Mote-Evolver and carrying on the series of intergalactic exploration. Voltan rips the EP open. Inspired by the Mayan god of drums and the earth, Voltan is underpinned by primal desires. Huge bass drives the track forward and an angry undercarriage whirls deep below. Peppered with snares and licks of white noise, the EP starts as it means to go on. Pygar’s futuristic sound palette is utterly hypnotic. Loops are layered insistently and despite the 4/4 structure a disorientating soundscape emerges. Filled with sounds that could just as well have been sampled from a space station as coaxed from a synthesiser, Pygar is optimised for the chaotic afterhours. On the flip side the abstract references are abandoned in favour of the concrete. Turn erupts with syncopated rhythms, metallic rasps and mechanical warning signals. It’s the stuff of industrial nightmares. Flat Tire is built on an angular bed of noise and interspersed with low, deep rumblings. The track fans outwards as ecstatic details are layered one upon another, ensuring that the EP closes on an enduringly hypnotic note. Planetary Assault Systems has created four tracks that don’t play by the rules. Deep Heet Volume 3 is Luke Slater yet again innovating with four tracks that fuse together the experimental, the bold and the brut


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