Point Dot ‘Waveland’

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blaq071_resizedArtist: Point Dot
Title: Waveland
Label: Blaq Records
Remixers: Electric Indigo, Ariane Blank & Albena Flores, Lilith, Paulice, Lila D.
Cat. #: blaq071
Format: Digital
Release Date: August 15th 2012

1. Waveland (Original Mix)
2. Waveland (Electric Indigo Remix)
3. Waveland (Ariane Blank & Albena Flores Remix)
4. Workspace (Original Mix)
5. Workspace (Lilith Meditation Remix)
6. Workspace (Paulice Remix)
7. Workspace (Lila D. Remix)

Dinora is the lady behind the project Point Dot, she is also half of the No2 project, both projects are integral part of the Blaq Records artist roster, her sound is based on her experimentations with analog gear in her studio, she makes all her beats and music with hardware, something we love and are always in the search for. For this ultra special release we bring together some of our favorite female producers from around the world hailing from diverse parts of the planet like Argentina, Germany, Austria, USA & Mexico 2 Original tracks of pure darkness analog beauty with a nice string of remixes.. Electric Indigo founder of the female Pressure Platform steps up to the remix duties decomposing the original into a deep trip of abstract perfection, great for experimental dance floors with an open mind, it is an honor to have Susanne collaborate with us in this release Our dear friends Ariane & Albena owners of the Shoes, Bags & Boys imprint get down to business in a very funky and sexy way, bringing their signature style to the mix, a bit deep a bit techie always on the groove to make you move. Lilith is an artist we have been following for a while now, her sound is simply beautiful, deep and effective, lush techno with the touch of a woman’s hand this remix will find it’s way to many dj’s bag and will melt the heart of dancers around the globe. Paulice is also an artist we admire running the fabulous label mischievous Musique she brings lots of gorgeous influences in her sound having the extrodinaire ability to mix experimental sensibilities yet keeping things funky and fresh and dancefloor ready, we have been fans of her work for a long time she is also part of the Adjunct Audio posse one of our favorite imprints in the whole world. Lila D. chunks things up a bit and goes straight for the jugular with this summer tinted remix, rounding up this fantastic release with lots of love and emotion…


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