Artist: Exium
Title: A Sensible Alternative to Emotion
Format: Vinyl and digital
Label: PoleGroup
Cat. #
: PoleGroup 16
Release Date: June 3rd, 2013
Distribution: Triple Vision
1. Dronid
2. Massless particle
3. Parallel computing
4. Absolute magnitude
5. Biosh
6. Dagma
7. Cimmerian trail
8. Novakron
9. Nucleoid
10. The 12th Planet

A sensible alternative to emotion is the second full length album by the spanish techno duo Exium*. More than ten years in the bussiness confirm them as one the fundamental combos of european techno. We have the pleasure of presenting you this new step in sound design, ten tracks that show a new twist in their style, relaxing the frequencies and the tempos and departing from linear concepts, offering a well balanced tracklist with ambient or near IDM experiments, dreamy or even melodic techno and their traditional obscure feeling.

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