PR3SNT ‘Pacem EP’

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GH1505_PR3SNT_CoverArtworkWebArtists: PR3SNT
Title: Pacem EP
Label: Ghosthall
Format: Digital
Cat. #: GH1505
Release Date: June 29th, 2015
Distribution: Label Engine
01. Pacem feat. Khalil
02. Pacem (Instrumental)
03. Inactive
04. Rekursion

Live act and production duo PR3SNT from Zurich enter the summer season with the Pacem EP.
It is their second EP on Ghosthall, a young Techno/Deep House label based in Switzerland and Lithuania. The music featured on Pacem is also an integral part of their well received live show, being a starting point for their performances.
The title song Pacem kicks the EP off in a powerful yet dark mood that features algerian vocalist Khalil and combines european electronic music with oriental influences.
Inactive is the most melancholic tune of the three, with it’s dark, synthesizer leads, evolving pad sounds and
hard hitting grooves. Rekursion on the other hand takes you on a journey with it’s dreamy atmospheric sounds, analogue arpeggios and its choral voices which take the EP into a different direction while still managing to maintain a consistent flow. A tune for the afterhour that has the potential to take the audience on a different level.
The dark yet strong mood runs like a red thread through the whole EP, making it a well rounded package.


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