Premiesku ‘Jojoman EP’

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PREMIESKU_1000x10002Artist: Premiesku
Title: Jojoman EP
Label: 20/20 Vision
Release Date: Vinyl – 11th May Digital – 1st June
A1. Jojoman
A2. Voice Game
B1. Jojoman (Djebali Remix)
B2. Voice Game (Guti Remix)
Life Tool (Digital Exclusive)

Hailing straight from the heart of Romania, Premiesku (Livio & Roby + George G), have always done things differently. Their inspirations as producers have been and still are fueled by their Balkan heritage and a musical scene in their own country, a scene which has been bubbling under the surface for longer then we know. Through these inspirations, Premiesku set out to create a different world in which they produced and performed music. They started from scratch, designing and self constructing three purely analogue performance machines. This truly unique technical setup allows the guys to fully control their music in a much more organic way, interacting directly with their instruments and surroundings. This connection to their instruments allows them to bridge the gap between themselves as artists and their audiences, giving them the ability to take crowds on a journey through the weird and wonderful. Our first insight into their live world came at Time Warp in 2012 and since then it has graced the stages of the finest clubs and festivals around the globe.

2014 saw Premiesku carry on their mechanical mission, whilst increasing their undeniable influence and impact on not only the Romanian scene but the worldwide electronic scene as a whole. Their expertly crafted, percussive club weapons have become something of a trademark and their debut EP for 20/20 Vision once again sees them utilise their production arsenal. Premiesku’s three original tracks are accompanied by killer remixes courtesy of Parisian underground house virtuoso Djebali alongside long term Argentinean amigo, man of the moment Guti – a relationship formed through both of their connections with the infamous Desolat label, who Premiesku released their critically acclaimed debut LP, “Indirect” in 2012.

Having previously released on labels such as Vakant, Apollonia and Desolat, they create driving and energetic rhythms with the aim of encapsulating the hearts and minds of their listeners. The title track ‘Jojoman’ possesses a bassline which is sure to shift any dance floor into 5th gear and has been on heavy rotation by the likes of Apollonia ever since BPM 2015. “Voice Game” offers a different ride with a playful vocal sample, breaks groove and a vibe reminiscent of a secret weapon from the depths of Villalobos’s armoury.

This release is also the first in a new chapter of 20/20 Vision releases as the label undergoes a total over haul of it’s art, design and logo. Entitled ‘Pupil’ the work has been carried out by Leeds based agency Golden who have delivered simple but striking work. After last years 20 year celebrations the label felt it was time for a fresh start with the focus on new music and a brand new look.


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