Proxima ‘Formal Junction / Grunge’

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Artist: ProximaTempa064
Title: Formal Junction / Grunge
Label: Tempa
Cat. #: TEMPA064
Format: 12″ Vinyl + Digital
Release Date: 26/03/12
a. Formal Junction
aa. Grunge

There’s been plenty of exchange between the worlds of deeper dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass over the last few years, with producers like Instra:mental, Icicle and ASC regularly switching between the two to devastating effect. Holland’s Gijs Snik, also known as Proxima, the latest signing to Tempa, is no exception. His tracks blend the best aspects of both genres, retaining the edgy moods of drum ‘n’ bass whilst channeling dubstep’s interest in the physically overwhelming properties of sub-bass.

Having started out producing rough-edged, densely percussive drum ‘n’ bass tracks, for his first ever solo release Proxima has dropped the tempo and upped the space. The result is a pair of subtly aggressive dubstep rollers that combine the warmer, altogether dubbier tones of genre greats like Digital Mystikz with drum ‘n’ bass’s ceaseless forward drive. ‘Formal Junction’ is stark and metallic, all grinding robot chatter, constantly shifting percussive patterns and the occasional glimmer of melody. ‘Grunge’ on the flip is even more pared away, breaks in its rolling conga driven rhythm lent extra dread by sci-fi vocal samples.

With his tracks becoming staples in scene figurehead Youngsta’s legendary DJ sets and Rinse FM shows, Proxima is swiftly becoming a name to watch in dubstep circles. His deep and deadly take on the more minimal side of the genre ramps up the pressure to near breaking point.

Though the number of producers making vital-sounding dubstep may have slimmed, both tracks offer evidence that there’s still a great deal of power within the genre, locked away and just waiting to be tapped.


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