Psyk ‘Distane E.P.’

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Artist: PsykMOTE031
Title: Distane E.P.
Label: Mote Evolver
Cat. #: Mote 031
Release Date: 2012-09-10
Formats: 12″, Digital EP
1. Distane
2. Isolate
3. Rndm
4. Main

Manuel Años, AKA Psyk, has much to lay claim to within his relatively short career, having already played at Berghain, Tresor and Stockholm’s Fabriken, as well as having himself as a focal point of Madrid’s techno scene. His approach seeks to continually purify and refine his sound, and with “Distane” – his debut release on Mote:Evolver – he melds together new forms of rhythm and expression with the kind of maximal composition and hard energy that the label has honed. The four tracks of “Distance” pulse, pound and thump their way forward while also showcasing a distinct metabolism that develops throughout this varied release. The A-side, beginning with “Distane“, establishes a direct, compelling energy that’s carried forward by echoing synths that become underlaid with an ever-growing bass. Envelopment is the true characteristic of “Distance” as it compresses its energy, channels it forward and establishes a strong sense of momentum perfect for any number of following tracks. “Isolate“, the A2 track, properly expresses its title with isolated, intense pulses of warped bass that eventually blend into one another to deliver a highly hypnotic, immersive feel. This sense of repetition creates a spiraling sense of progression that hooks onto the listener and draws them in. “Rndm“, the first track on the B-side, brings in a sense of experimentation as it uses different percussive patterns while it searches for its moment to strike. The dented funk of the main bass line ebbs and flows until it finds its groove and immerses itself in it. On the heels of this comes “Main“, the final track that is no less saturated with energy than all the rest. It’s pure switched-on dance floor thunder, and surges forward with a straight-forward simplicity. As Psyk’s first release on Mote:Evolver, “Distance” establishes the momentum both for the budding Spanish producer as well as for his supercharged productions to come.


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