Qindek ‘Modu’

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WOLF031-Label-B300Artist: Qindek
Title: Modu
Label: Wolfskuil
Cat. #: WOLF031
Release Date: April 6th // April 20th 2015
A / 1. Modu
B1 / 2. Due
B2 / 3. Krux

The mighty Qindek returns to Wolfskuil for his sophomore hypnotic workout. On this 3 track EP he showcases his unique talent for melodic sounding atonal sequencing (if that makes any sense) and stripped down grooves. In titletrack Modu he stretches his signature sound to almost epic proportions. Over the span of 12 minutes he stretches and bends a seemingly simple idea like rubber without losing a second’s tension. Both Due and Krux are pieces of sophisticated dancefloor DJ tools dripping with atmosphere and depth. Two perfect secret peaktime weapons for those who know.


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