Quark ‘Home Edition LP’

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quark_we02-web-coverArtist: Quark
Title: Home Edition LP
Label: Wandering Eye
Cat. #: WE02
Release Date: 28-10-2016
Stephan Hantan
Q Flavor

This October, Panoram’s Wandering Eye imprint will release Quark’s the ‘Home Edition’ LP featuring 10 original tracks.

Marking Quark’s debut release and Wandering Eye’s second offering since label boss Panoram’s meditative ‘Background Story’ LP last year, the ‘Home Edition’ LP continues the label’s penchant for ethereal aesthetics that are artfully maintained by nuanced thoughts and ideas. The mysterious yet alluring Quark debut provides “a journey through a twin world powered by life experiences, moments sound-tracked by inevitable encounters and occurrences”.

‘Aria’ kicks things off with psychedelic arrangements of live instruments, submerged in dreamy soundscapes supplying a bubbling injection of feeling to set the tone. Next, ‘Bin’ swells into a heady down tempo number, full with rich ambience and icy grooves, before ‘Astroboy’ offers an endearing yet eerie dose of glitch.

‘Centrocittà’s’ boxed drums, heavenly synths and sizzling bass patterns blend to inspire wonder, while ‘Shend’s’ intricate percussion and filter-sweeping textures lend themselves to the celestial. ‘Psicoverano’ recollects essences of the psychedelic but flipped to include an animated mono-bass, before ‘Stephan Hantan’ pushes pleasing melodies underneath allusive atmospherics.

‘Jokke’ injects overdriven 808 rhythms amid a strong low-end, opening up to a synthetic sound palette, before ‘Q Flavor’ fires modulating sound-fx above a brooding bass. Then it’s ‘Xitle’ that brings the ‘Home Edition’ LP to an end with affirming keyboard movements and lively drums.

Quark’s ‘Home Edition’ LP drops this October on Panoram’s Wandering Eye imprint.


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