Belief Defect “Decadent Yet Depraved”

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Raster label has been restructured recently, the entire project doesn’t suffer this thing, but keeps moving forward into unexplored territories.
The debut album of Belief Defect called “Decadent Yet Depraved” brings some solid experimental techno in the label’s catalogue. The sound recalls some productions from Dadub and Kangding Ray, where broken beats, hard kickdrums, and detailed synths or pads create a fantastic music scenario.
In the overall the mood revealed is sad and thoughtful, but functional to the kind of music proposed in these ten tracks.

Raster – August 25th (CD, digital) / October 6th (double vinyl)
01 – unnatural instinct
02 – the conduit
03 – submission of thought
04 – slipping away
05 – no future
06 – opium den
07 – deliverance
08 – fake disciples
09 – no hope no fear
10 – disembarking horizons

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