Artist: Dasha Rushr-n158-Artwork
Title: Sleepstep – Sonar Poems For My Sleepless Friends
Label: Raster-Noton
Cat: r-n158
Formats: Digital, CD, LP
Release dates:
CD, digital – March 2015
LP – May 11th 2015

A fundamental – but forgotten – thing for a musician artistic development is the exploration and innovation of their style, and if it means to go through unusual and different styles they would accept the challenge, indipendently by the final result reached.
Dasha Rush, a well known dj and producer into techno music shows a hidden musical identity, publishing an album called “Sleepstep – Sonar Poems For My Sleepless Friends” on the respectable Raster-Noton records.
As suggested by the album title, each track seem something more than a musical ensemble, they seem like to communicate something more, embracing and involving the listener as a lovely “ninna-nanna”.

01 / Intro – Space Privat for Cosmonauts
02 / Dance With Edgar Poe
03 / Time Whispers and Albert
04 / Scratching Your Surface (Revisited)
05 / Sleep Ballade
06 / Antares
07 / Abandoned Beauties and Beasts
08 / Lumiere Avant Midi
09 / Sail Away to Her
10 / Lucy in the Sky, Lost Diamonds
11 / Fog, Dogma and Bread
12 / A Minute After the War
13 / Life Time Poem
14 / 100 Hearts
15 / Micro Universe
16 / Outer Space


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