Kangding Ray “Cory Arcane”

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Aside the conceptualism behind the album, “Cory Arcane” by Kangding Ray is a true revelation: it seems like the artist is evolving his style and shifting his classic sonorities to something more advanced and abstract. There aren’t only banging kickdrums and heavy basslines: there’s also space for genres we’re not used to associate to the artist, apart the downtempo tracks, in “Safran” or “Blue Oscillant” are recognizable some drum ‘n’ bass influences.

Raster Noton –  CD: October 30th 2015, vinyl: November 20th 2015
01. acto
02. dark barker
03. brume
04. these are my rivers
05. safran
06. burning bridges
07. bleu oscillant
08. when we were queens
09. on sleepless roads

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