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Hi Jeroen and welcome to Different Grooves!

Thanks for having me, and thank you very much for your good review of Crux! Always great to see that.

Briefly what can you say about your first approaches to techno music? Which artists and parties inspired you mostly?

I started listening to techno music and going to parties around ’98, I lived in Rotterdam back then and was naturally influenced by everything that was going on there. Clubs like Nighttown (now closed), and of course big events like Awakenings. I started dj’ing for my own fun soon after I discovered my love for techno music, and my first big influences (and still) are Marco Carola and some more guys of the Italian crew like Gaetano Parisio and Rino Cerrone. The Swedish techno by Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebusch, Joel Mull etc. Later on I had a tendency towards the Birmingham sound and also music from people like Mulero and Slovakian techno from Rumenige & Loktibrada and DJ Boss.

During the years have you ever felt to be musically “static”, needing something more to improve your style and productions?

I am actually always looking for new musical ideas or new approaches, as well as looking for new methods in the studio. I do it to keep myself interested, I could never find just one sound or just one way of making music. I see it all as a very personal journey and I love to learn more and see where it takes me.

For example, in the 1-2 years before releasing this album I have taken the time to redesign my studio in ways that were new to me, which went as far as building custom software and hardware. So that meant learning about electronics and programming, which for me is simply part of my ‘job’ and part of the learning process. I can imagine really well that this is not the case for any music producer, some aren’t as interested in the technology, but for me it is. It helps me to get a deeper understanding of the whole process of making music and of music itself.

Also I have taken the time to step back from techno for a bit and produce some other stuff that is close to my heart, a few examples of which made it to the album in the form of the 3 bonus tracks. I do think that leaving your comfort zone every now and then in the end fuels your creativity.

 In February your second album “Crux” was published, are you satisfied with people and djs reactions?

Yes! Very happy to receive massive feedback from both techno fans and dj’s. Also I am really pleased to see that the bonus tracks on the album, which are not 4/4 techno tracks, are widely appreciated. I had never released anything else from techno so I was eager to see what everone would think about this other stuff.

You’re ready to be part of  Different Grooves On Air featured artists, what can you tell us about the podcast you recorded?

It’s quite an uptempo mix, about 132 bpm. I wanted to play some tracks that can benefit from that tempo. There are  a lot of new and upcoming tracks in the mix. Including some from the next release on Radial Records, which will be by Sinecure, a collaboration between me and a good friend. You’ll see more information on that one soon.

Is anything new forthcoming in the next months you wanna tell us?

My new label Radial Records will release 2 EP’s before the summer hits. One by Sinecure, and the other one will be by Museum (Anton Pieete and me.) It has been a while since we’ve released anything, so really excited for this. Then in September there will be a Crux Remixed EP, with some great fellow producers remixing tracks from my album.

Thanks for the time you spent for the interview and good luck!

Thank you!

Interview by Matteo Pitton


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