Raffaele Rizzi ‘Arkadia’

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arcadia3Artist: Raffaele Rizzi
Title: Arkadia
Label: Analytic Trail
Cat. #: ANT064
Release Date: 26-01-2015
1. Arkadia – Raffaele Rizzi
2. Electrique Boutique – Raffaele Rizzi
3. Kyra – Raffaele Rizzi
4. Jimmo – Raffaele Rizzi
5. Rejected – Raffaele Rizzi
6. Magnitudo – Raffaele Rizzi

First release of the new year is on the way, label boss Markantonio is proud to bring a great local talent on his imprint Analytic Trail. His name is Raffaele Rizzi, already known for his previous works on Analytic’s sister label MKT and for several productions made for Octopus, Amazing, Alchemy, Loose etc. This Mini L.P. is called “Arkadia” and his a special huge package by Raffaele including Six own Original tracks.

First track of the LP is homonymous one, “Arkadia” made by an elastic bass line, it’s full of different drum elements such as latin shakers, rolling reverb percussions and strong kick. The break time is defined by a special Synth Effect that will be the right landmark to this nice Techno tune.

It’s just the second step and we can hear “Electric Boutique” as a very refined work, made by bouncing beats and warping electronic effects. The whole mood is moved by dark vocals and hypnotic synthesizers creating a proper Techno underground vibe.

We are just in the middle of the trip and music is not over, “Kyra” is the right example of what can be defined energizing Techno music, where Kicks, Bass and Synths are mixed together to create a very singular transpose for the dancers.

“Jimmo” is a straight Techno gear, where the track is dropped by an heavy drumkick, old school stabs and ringing Detroit style Hi Hats.

It’s time to taste the fifth track of the LP, “Rejected” is an hysterical acid Techno tune surrounded by a rolling chord and a vocal upbeat sample. The drum section is made by a deep kick and strong hi hats sessions, it’s hot stuff for dancers.

Last track can be heard as an earthquake, “Magnitudo” is a Techno disaster, a real devastating sound, powerful kicks and oscillating chords are the engine of this track, addicted to the strongest dance floors.

Just another top level work for Analytic Trail, pushing once again the best sound from Neapolitan Electronic school.


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