Ramiro Lopez Interview

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Hi Ramiro and welcome to Different Grooves

Ciao Amici! Thanks for having me, my pleasure.

​You are hitting notorious labels like Intec, Suara, Toolroom with you tunes: Please tell us something about your last EPs?

​’​Truce​’​ EP is my second EP for Carl Cox and Jon Rundell´s imprint Intec and it​’s been out for a month​. ​I’ve ​also just released ​an​​ EP​ called ‘Easy Going’​​ ​on​ Toolroom Trax, the techno face of Mark Knight’​s ​imprint​​. I’m​ ​getting​ great feedback​ ​and support and ​I’m​ very happy about them.​ ​If you like ​Techno and don’t​ have them, you should give them a listen.​

Any future plans with other important imprints in the coming months?

​​​Yes.​ ​I’m​ ​releasing a new E​P ​on ​Octopus, Sian’​s label.​ It ​will be my second and I’m ​excited about it.​ ​I’m​ also​ ​working​ ​on new EP’s​​ ​for Suara and Intec and there are other important projects​ ​in​​ ​the pipeline.

How would you say your music has changed over the years and​ ​what has influenced this change more than anything else​?

​​Music is always evolving​ ​and​ so ​am​ I. ​I’ve​ ​always ​been between house and techno.​ My​ first experience and vinyls I bought were from Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Mark Broom, James Ruskin, techno all​ ​over but then I slightly went more into house sounds. Nowadays ​I’m​​ doing and enjoying mostly techno but ​I’m​ diggin​’​ others, It​’​s the quality what really matters.

The summer season is now past us. You played at Sankeys, Blue Marlin and Space: any special stories you can reveal to our readers?

Has been an hectic and funny summer. ​It included my ​first time playing ​at​ Blue Marlin which is an amazing beach club and also at Space, one of the ​iconic​ clubs of​​ the island and a big goal to me since I first visited it many years ago as ​​clubber.​ I’m​ happy with ​how the​ season​ went​ and​ I’m already​ ​looking​​ forward ​to​ the next one.

ADE week has just gone.​ ​Please give us some fresh feedback from your experience at the conference and the​ ​events you played at?

I did 3 events: Friday at Panorama Club with the Suara​ ​(​kitties​)​ family,Saturday afternoon at ​B​eatport live again with Suara and Umek´s 1605 party on Saturday night.

Everyone was outstanding. Beatport was ​ a bit​ different as ​it was​ a live​ ​stream in their studios​, a​ ​s​mall studio room with just few people around but many people ​turning in​ live on the net.​ A​ ​c​ool experience.

Then the two other were ​ really​ amazing. I did the closing sets ​at​ both ​parties​ and really enjoyed​ it.​
ADE is always a great place to meet old and new friends, share impressions with other artists and hang out all together.

Your business relationship is really close with Coyu and Umek, I guess? Is your relationship more like a friendship? Is something already in the pipeline with them in the near future?

I​’ve​ know​n​ Coyu​ for​ many years ​now​ and ​I ​can tell we​’​re good friends. It​’​s great to share experience, adventures and tastes with him. ​He’s​ also a role model and always willing to help me or give me advice.

I’ve​ been following and admiring Umek since ​I started DJing​ and now​ I’m​having the chance to work with him closely.​ We’ve​ been in touch for some time now but I​ only​ actually met ​him ​in person for the first time ​during his ADE party. Such a nice and big guy and​ I’m​ sure we are gonna see each​ ​other often.​ ​My plans are keep doing parties and collaborating with both of them.

Generic question: What are Ramiro Lopez’s thoughts​ ​on the​ ​Spanish clubbing scene?

We have had a difficult period in our country
​because of​ the economic crisis and this​ has has an impact​ ​on​ ​our​ electronic​ music​ scene​ with​ ​people ​going​ out less and many clubs​ being​ ​forced ​to close their ​doors. But I think we still have a solid scene and everything is ​​prospering again. There are many top notch clubs in the peninsula and Ibiza is doing super as always.​ ​And I can see more and more​​ young electronic music ​enthusiasts​ which is promising.

Interview by Gill


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