Ranacat Interview

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Hi Pablo, first of all welcome to Different Grooves !

We begin from your last release on Mobilee records, ‘Love Is Super Food’: tell us something about this fantastic ep and maybe some “behind-the-scene”

This is my first EP I release as a music producer. And somehow I put together some of the things I like the most and that includes super foods. I’m quite into nutrition so the title plays with it too. But of course, the straightforward meaning of it is what counts the most.

How you get in touch with the label, and how is your business relationship with Mobilee family?

I met Anja Schneider and And.Id at a Select*Elect ( http://www.selectelect.co.uk/ ) party we had in Torino, Italia! We got on really well and it all went down from there. We had a good laugh and the party was great. The following night Mobilee was doing a showcase in London so we continued the fun in a huge warehouse big time. We talked more about music and the rest of the story is still being written… I’ll be playing at their infamous roof top parties in Barcelona on the 18th of August, which is great. I’m in for a treat.

Of course, you are also djing a lot, tell us some preview for your future gig at Vertigo festival: not something normal to play on the mountains!

I know, I’m very excited about playing that high! It’s looking like an amazing festival and we are going to make sure we’ll make a great party with our good friends Cosmic Cowboys and Derfranke. http://vertigofestival.com/

Focusing on your summer gig, there is also a great one at Somewhere In The Woods Festival: what are you expecting from it?

This little festival is going to rock! The idea behind an intimate party on a beach is amazing… the best club in the world. And I’ve never been to Croatia yet so I’m really looking forward to it. https://www.facebook.com/somewhereinthewoods.events?fref=ts

You just give the light to your worn label Sneaky records: tell us the motto behind it, and what kind of music are you ready to release on it; and maybe some preview of the next ep read to fill the floor.

Andy and I have many really good producer friends based in London. So the initial idea was to start getting their demos and see what we can do with them. Also we are already working with well-known and established producers on future releases and remixes too. I’m very happy about how it’s all rolling. We are launching it with a terrace party at Oval Space, which is one of my favorite venues in London, on the 21st of July with a killer sneaky line-up. The eminent Silk 86 is our kick off release and we are very happy with it, it sounds mind-blowing.

What’s your approach to compose music? Also, what are your main sources of inspiration?

I have my home studio and to be honest I just sit down and do whatever comes up to my mind at that time. I’m really not looking for anything in particular with the music I make, besides having loads of fun when I’m at it. Inspiration could be anything I heard or saw that day. Any thought or idea could trigger something cool in a song.

Ranacat in the next 6 months: unveil the future to our readers, and of course to me too.

I’m looking forward to play at Somewhere in the Woods  and Vertigo. Sneaky records is also something I care a lot and of course during next six months there will be a lot of news about it! The only way to know what’s going on is to talk again soon!

Thanks Pablo, was a pleasure to spend few q&a with you!

Thanks guys, thanks Different Grooves


Interview by Gill

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