Artist: Raul Mezcolanza & Marc Maya
Title: Rolling
Remixer: Audiomatiques
Label: MKT Records
Cat. #: MKT023
Release Date: April 2013
1) Rolling – Raul Mezcolanza & Marc Maya
2) Rolling (Audiomatiques Rmx) – Raul Mezcolanza & Marc Maya
3) Three Octaves – Raul Mezcolanza


Neapolitan Markantonio’s label MKT comes back with a cool release made in Spain. Raul Mezcolanza & Marc Maya are the main characters of this number, the well known dj/producers resident of the legendary Monegros Festival and weekly based djs of Row14 in Barcelona landed on MKT with a gorgeous project. This pack includes three tracks, first one by Raul Mezcolanza & Marc Maya backed with a remix of Neapolitan duo Audiomatiques, closing the EP with the solo project of Raul.

“Rolling” is a mix of tribal perc elements, groovy bass sounds and eclectic vocal effects, the Synth surround the Drum Kick and the hi hats session in upbeat is followed by soft rides giving a fluid rhythm to the track. Of course a special Tech House mix.

Audiomatiques recharge the battery of “Rolling” making a cool remix, made by bass tech frequencies and fast rounding Synth in background. Frame of the track is conformed with a metrical careful evolution key, where bassline and drum kick become deeper and deeper, everything goes up to become really powerful and Techno.

Last track of the EP is made by Raul Mezcolanza in a solo project, where he puts out his own style and skills as producer, a mix of different music cultures can be recognized in this track, coming from deep Techno sounds to Tech House elements. Break time is the phase where everything take a change to give space for a pumping restarting beat, a full complete music Deep Techno mixture.

Neapolitan Label MKT is always ready to show its eclectic views to the followers, this is one of the best way to connect different styles, Spanish producers with Neapolitan remixers, just the best sound for your ears.

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