Ray Kajioka Interview

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Hey Ray, welcome to Different Grooves
Hello, thank you!

You are ready to release a massive LP on Kanzleramt, could you introduce it to our readers?
My new album is called “Consistency”. It’s my second long player release that, I would say, is a bid more serious compared to my debut album.

How you arrive to the final result of ‘Consistency’?
Well, there was a broad range of inspiration, which I have taken from my own life. All the things that happened, all the experiences I have made along the way, helped me to grow steadily. So, each track on the new LP has it’s story behind it. But all of them have one thing in common.

Is there any underdog event or thing that you can reveal to our readers, happened during the making of the album?
Actually, yes! There was this one night, a friend and I did hang out at my studio. While we were gossipping I sit in my swivel chair. Unnoticed I gradually rolled backwards with my chair into the keyboard of my Nord Lead synth, that made it playing a sequence. My friend and I looked to each other with big eyes. I was like “Whaaat was that? Did I just hit the Nord Lead with the back of my chair? Wait a second, I’ve to repeat this.” So I did that again, recorded it and made a track out of it. That’s how “Chair Encounters Keyboard” was done.

Tell us something about your business relationship with Heiko Laux and his label Kanzleramt?
I’m happy to have a pretty positive business relationship with my label boss. Wehave now been working together for many years and still it works fine. Probably because of the way we do communicate. If things needed to be discussed, then we did in a relaxed way. It’s important to talk and listen carefully to each other. Seeing things from the opposite person’s perspective. Finding solutions together. Otherwise giving support and advices in between. I think that’s the key.

Ray Kajioka in next 6 months: something particular you are really looking forward, djing and studio booth sides?
There are few single releases and remixes in the works. Gig wise, you can catch me November 11th at White Noise in Stuttgart Germany , November 25th at Mmmmm in Stockholm, Sweden. Further dates will be announced soon.

Reveal us your opining about Berlin scene, your current homeport?
The Berlin scene is big, crazy, intense, colorful, always surprising and inspiring at the same time. I think there is nothing comparable.

It was a pleasure spend quality time with you, thank you very much for this interview!
You’re welcome!
Kind Regards,


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