Cosmic Cowboys “Quarterpast”

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Artist: Cosmic CowboysRCDIG008_front (resized)
Title: Quarterpast
Label: Rotary Cocktail
Remixer: Simon Garcia
Cat. #: RCDIG008
Format: Digital
Release Date: march 2nd 2015
Distribution: Wiord And Sound
1. Quarterpast
2. Quarterpast (Simon Garcia’s Raw Live Take)
3. Carnivoro

Before listening to this release we expected another kind of stuff, but after we hit the play button we felt happy and delighted by the tracks produced by the North-East Italy based producers Cosmic Cowboys. “Quarterpast” is a trippy technoid track, where a solid combination of kickdrum and bassline meets a dope organ and cello sequence, spreading energy and movement to the whole sound.
The second track is a Simon Garcia remix of the title track, who makes it dark and underground.
At the end we found an interesting tribal song, filled with catchy percussions and shakers, in perfect harmony with the surrounding jungle animal verses and some and olschool synths.


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