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We begin with a simple question: how is your business relationship with Mobilee Records. And especially with the boss, Anja Schneider?

Mobilee is not only a label I release on, it’s also my booking agency. That means we’re quite close business wise and I also have my studio next door to the office. The atmosphere is very relaxed and I really enjoy seeing Anja and the others during the week to chat a little. With Anja my relationship is super good, she’s become a good friend over the years.

You just completed the 9th volume of the well known Back to Back series from Mobilee: could you tell us some “behind the scene” information about it?

The first half of my B2B compilation contains a “Best Of” from the past year of mobilee. The second half has no boundaries. Mobilee gives the artist the opportunity to do what you want on CD 2. You could do a collaboration mini album like Ray Okpara did or remix some mobilee classics like Rodriguez Jr. did two years ago. I chose to create two 30 minute tracks with parts of past mobilee releases. For example a pad from Lee Van Dowski, a synth from Sebo K, a vocal from Anja Schneider and then I rebuilt these elements in my own distinct style during two jam sessions in the studio.

CD1 is made up of the best tracks from Mobilee 2014, how do you choose them?

I sat down with Mobilee’s label heads Anja Schneider and Ralf Kollmann to discuss which tracks we put together. We suggested different tracks to each other. I think it’s representative for the past year and it’s a really cool mixture.

CD2 features two exclusive ‘sessions’ you created out of existing tracks from the mobilee back catalogue, plus some exclusive cuts made especially for the Back to Back. Tell us about the process of creating them.

When I had the two sessions ready, I started to think what I could do to offer more to the listener. I decided to cut out parts as remixes. For example I edited a part with Ray Okpara’s “Implanted Circle” Vocal and did a remix of it. The remixes are called “Re.You’s Back to Back Cut Remix” which explains it pretty good. Another exclusive track I did is one together with Ninetoes. We met at SEMF festival and become good friends. A while ago we sat down in my studio to jam a little and tried out my minitaur from moog. The result was the track ‘Union’ and we decided to put it out on my compilation as a bonus exclusive.

You are very busy with touring the release throughout February and March. What gig highlights are you looking forward to the most?’

I’m looking forward to all the shows but of course the gig at Watergate Club will be special as it’s my hometown and all of my friends can join for this tourmstop. The last stop on the tour is at the Egg in London and I invited Ninetoes as special guest, so this one will be a highlight as well.

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