Reash ‘Curling Up’

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cover_reash_curlingupArtist: Reash
Title: Curling Up
Label: Trick Track Records
Cat. #: TRK017
Release Date: 23-11-2015
Curling Feathers
Shake Up (Tide Edit)
Shake Up (Original Mix)

Reash is back on Trick Track Records for our 17th installment. With a refined sound, grasping onto his Romanian roots, “Curling Up” is a blend of resonances and vibrations, pondering profoundly in any environment they are let loose.

Layered onto a reverbed coating, Curling Feathers blends the notion of a dub sound with endowed glitches throughout the track in concordance with a fluctuating crunch bass. Maintaining a mellow and laid back atmosphere, Shake Up (Tide Edit) is with an abundance of distorted sounds synergizing with the mellow orchestrated cord process. The original approach of Shake Up is ruff on the edges and rugged on the inside, as a vocal sample glimpse through the track emphasizing a hip-hop scenery. In all, Shake Up is carefully crafted to achieve a ruffed up and at the same time an orderly sound.


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