Reboot ‘Beautiful Parasite’

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Artist: RebootCadenza76
Title: Beautiful Parasite
Label: Cadenza
Cat. #: Cadenza76
Format: 12″
Presales: 20.02.2012
Release Date: 19.03.2012
A1 – Beautiful Parasite – Original Mix
B1 – Beautiful Parasite – Robert Dietz infected mix
B2 – Beautiful Parasite – Cesar Merveille remix
XX – In The Sky (Digital Bonus)

Beginning his relationship with Cadenza back in 2008, German production wizard Reboot has since frequented the label, his solid tech house soundscapes and innate ability to keep his musical structure moving forward being catalyst to his reputable name. Following the incredible ʻShunyataʼ album on Cadenza in 2010, Reboot is back on the imprint with the ʻBeautiful Parasiteʼ EP, including two remixes from Robert Dietz and Cesar Merveille.
Intense and suitably finickety, Rebootʼs ʻBeautiful Parasiteʼ plays with glitches, sparks and tight wooden percussion patterns to begin. On first glance, itʼs almost minimal in its confined touches but as a rumbling line of dark bass takes hold, “Beautiful Parasite” switches its identity and takes on a sultry persona. From there the changes come thick and fast with faint strings soaring gently in the background and sporadic cymbal crashes and hand claps creating texture. Reaching its dreamy edge with a warm and melodic mainline, the once stern atmosphere of “Beautiful Parasite” is coated in thick echo, doubled in depth and encased in melody.
First Cadenza comrade to take remix duty is Frankfurtʼs Robert Dietz. Taking his tribal and percussion heavy signature, Dietz warps “Beautiful Parasite” into a dance killer, enhancing the percussive flow of the original and integrating a rapid bass line that simply canʼt fail to move. Chopping the melody into stabbing sequences and morphing the bass into an arpʼd, electro tinged bomb; “Beautiful Parasite” finds its feet firmly on the dance floor through Robert Dietzʼs remix. Cesar Merveille shifts the gear up another notch with a gloriously rapid attack for his remix. Chaotic percussion and crunching samples smeared across “Beautiful Parasiteʼs” balmy palette, Cesar injects an exotic and slinky edge.
Lastly, as a digital only bonus, “In The Sky” closes ʻBeautiful Parasiteʼ on a fresh note. Introduced with a vocal swoon fit for a diva, “In The Sky” breaks into a contradictory concoction of voltaic beats thereafter. Hissing shakers, plentiful claps and a rubbery bass line collide as the atmosphere moves up and down between subtle builds and breaks. Securing its groove with the epic ʻYour Loving Armsʼ lyrics, “In The Sky” will no doubt cause an elated stomp on dance floors worldwide.


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