Reeko ‘Ella’

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Artist: ReekoMD014
Title: Ella
Label: Mental Disorder
Cat. #: Md14
Format: Digital EP, 12″
Release Date: May 5th, 2012
Distribution: Triplevision
A1. Segmento 1
B1. Segmento 2

Reeko continues to explore his own contradictions: though seemingly a reserved introvert, he cannot help revealing his inner self through music. His latest confession is a project consisting of three 10″ vinyl episodes, starting with the two tracks which make up the first instalment of the ella trilogy. The title may give us an idea of the story Reeko wants to tell us about, in the way he best expresses himself: armed with plastic and beats.

The month of April brings us leg one of the life experience that Reeko is sharing with us; in “ella (episode 1)” we find two intense tracks that describe the turmoil with which we face up to the bad news we’ve been trying to avoid for some time: we lose control of our emotions and our blood flow speeds up… until we’re free falling.

A1. While we listen to side A, our pulse will accelerate as we fruitlessly try to dominate the thoughts that pour into our minds and give us confused and contradictory emotions: sadness and rage, despondency and euphoria… Deep techno, a sound that seems to be emerging from a thick fog and takes control of our breathing… 6 minutes and 43 seconds of immersion into our deepest inner selves.
A mature, sensitive and challenging Reeko, with an extremely delicate and dignified end of the great masters of Detroit.
B1. The emotional jolt continues on the other side. Its 7 minutes and 13 seconds are symmetrically divided into two parts. On the first half we start to regain certain self-awareness, moved by the atmospheric techno and the strong bass line that make the track move forward; having reached the fourth minute, we are suddenly thrown out of the lysergic state into which we had plunged and achieve some clarity of thought.
We try to get our bearings, but as soon as we reach minute 5, we are thrown back into confusion and the most unnerving sounds take over…
Expressiveness, sincerity, strength and finesse in equal measure. Arguments sufficient to demonstrate some controversy with reality ‘ella B1’.

It’s no use trying to fight ourselves: our deepest and most hidden selves have taken control.


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