Artists: Reeko w/ Architectural
Title: The Blue Album
Label: PoleGroup
Vinyl, CD and Digital
Cat. #: PoleGroup18
Release Date: September 30th (Physical), October 7th (Digital), 2013
Distribution: Triple Vision
1. Blue
2. Melted
3. Dualities
4. Sex on Kepler
5. Force Carriers
6. String Theory
7. Startling Idea
8. The Universal Dream

The Blue Album is Spanish producer Juan Rico‘s new album. He is the mind behind Reeko and Architectural, two projects that on this occasion melt into one offering a wide perspective of the nuances of his sounds.

Here you can find all the aspects of techno sound, from ambient landscapes, to dubby and liquid textures or pulsa- ting abstract techno exercises.

„Blue“ starts the trip with dubbed echoes, floating textures and fat spaced out chords: the best way to switch on the ignition and prepare for the upcoming sonic voyage.

„Melted“ follows. It begins with subbass frequencies and opaque kicks and adds sizzling reverberated sequences, salted with brilliant hi frequency percussions, subtle chords and analogue string melodies.

„Dualities“ is the next stop: again, dub techno and liquid feelings with chords starring all over the arrangement, growing and changing, running along drones and ambiences over a solid mental, repetitive rhythm.

After this we have, „Sex on Kepler“, on a less aquatic and more precise vein. Medium tempos, electric sequencing and spacey strings that combine with the beat on this meditative dance number. An excursion into the most spatial, galactic sound.

„Force Carrier“ leaves behind every melodic trace, digging deep on raw territories, grey synth pulses and wide ste- reo workout creating that feeling of anxiety only Juan can deliver.

„String Theory“ reminds of the old Tangerine Dream sound of Phaedra. Arpeggiated pulses, dreamy atmospheres, beatless and dreamy psychedelic electronic music.

„Startling Idea“ is the last rhythmic assault: compact drums, evolving white noise beats, sharp hi hats and tension all over the arrangement.

Closing this space trip is „The universal dream“. It stops the beat engine and opens the harmonies box from a musi- cal and melancholic perspective, as the end of this soundtrack to the future and outside space world.

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