Artist: Reinier Zonneveld
Title: Reverse Psychology
Label: Illegal Alien Records
Release Date: 26 June, 2013
Format: Digital
Cat #: IARCD001
01. Reinier Zonneveld – When Different Worlds Collide (Original Mix)
02. Reinier Zonneveld – Plateau 2 (Original Mix)
03. Reinier Zonneveld – Landing (Original Mix)
04. Reinier Zonneveld – Intro (Original Mix)
05. Reinier Zonneveld – Pneumatik (Original Mix)
06. Reinier Zonneveld – Deceptive Guidance (Original Mix)
07. Reinier Zonneveld – Empty It Is (Original Mix)
08. Reinier Zonneveld – Mind Vent (Original Mix)
09. Reinier Zonneveld – Plateau 4 (Original Mix)
10. Reinier Zonneveld – Factor (Original Mix)
11. Reinier Zonneveld – Haywired Society (Original Mix)
12. Reinier Zonneveld – The End (Original Mix)

Reverse Psychology is the debut album of dutch producer and musician Reinier Zonneveld. A multi dimensional piece of art, combining acoustic instruments, everyday and not so everyday field recordings, as well as analogue synthesis. Playing piano and composing music ever since he was a little child, could be the cause of his harmonic – at times classical – approach to electronic music. Although the tracks vary a lot in terms of energetic content, his vision on techno certainly creates a new, cohesive world of sound. By using soundscapes you won’t expect on a techno record and putting them in a different context, the listener may react reverse than one would expect on beforehand.

Starting with Pneumatik, Reinier sets the tone of the album, deep, hypnotic, aggressive at times, but also deep and emotional. The kickdrum interplays with mechanical noises, as we get exposed to almost church like vocals and outerworld echos, which we will certainly encounter again, be it in other forms. When Different Worlds Collide continues where Pneumatik stopped, only without a drumbeat. It sounds like an orchestral piece, while maintaining the vibe set earlier. Deceptive Guidance takes a more classical, minimal approach to techno. The 4/4 kick drum carries the track along while the audience gets hypnotized by repetitive, but at the same time continously shifting synths and vocals. Sounds get more distorted and heavy, as the listener approaches the title track – Reverse Psychology. Piercing, aggressive and heavy, the broken beat hypnotises you, until it roughly brings you awareness with a suprising vocal cut. The tension releases a bit when the warm sound of Empty It Is emerges. While having a strong melodic character, it still has enough open spaces left to provoke the listeners own imagination, to complete it with a piece of personal interpretation. Mind Vent takes another, different, direction, heavy 4/4 techno, with a relentless beat which continues where the title track stopped. The tension energy levels rises even more when Plateau 4 starts, which slowly introduces you to dreamy, musical soundscapes, while the groove carriers you along in an almost trance like state of mind.Plateau 2 functions as a sort of intermezzo, retrospective, defining the directions in which the rest of the album will carry the audience. Factor and Haywired Society are even more powerful and pounding ‘four on the floor’ techno than everything we’ve heard before on Reverse Psychology, and will certainly stir up some dancefloors with their heavy basses, deep grooves and unexpected, tense sounds. Just as the title suggest, Landing will bring the listener back to a more relaxed state. Very minimalistic, however at the same time very emotional and full of details. It sets the tone for the next track, Intro, in which all the elements of Reinier’s vision on music come together. Subtracted, suggestive beats and impressive background effects carry the vibe for an acoustic piano solo, written and performed by himself. The music and background melts together near the end, and disappears in distance, leaving in one small point, portraid by the fundamental harmonic.

Reverse Psychology is an impressive piece of work, reflecting on changes in live, behaviour and above all (the perception of) music. It traverses these differences and forces them together in a  very pleasant and original way.

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