artwork_strgt15_thumbnailArtist: Renato Cohen
Title: Crash the Acid / Tuff Guitar
Remixers: Luigi Madonna, Roberto Capuano
Label: The Triangle Records
Cat. #: STRGT15
Release Date: 19-1-15
Renato Cohen – Crash the Acid (Original Mix)
Renato Cohen – Tuff Guitar (Original Mix)
Luigi Madonna – Crash the Acid (Remix)
Roberto Capuano – Tuff Guitar (Remix)

A new year and a new season for The Triangle Records. The Stargate is reopened in a new style and in a new vibe. Inside of Stargate there is an EP that crosses all generations of Techno; 2 Originals by one of the historical producers, Renato Cohen, creator of Pontapé, one of the best selling records of all time played and known by all DJs on the planet. To make this EP massive, we included two remixes by Luigi Madonna and Roberto Capuano, interpreters and new generation of the historic Neapolitan Techno.


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